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Smart Cities Energy Storage Applications

Smart City Applications

Surveillance Camera Applications

Smart Parking Sensors

Advertising Boards

Wifi Hot Spot Applications

Lithium-Ion Batteries for Smart City Applications

Avichal Technologies Lithium Ion Batteries boost the ecosystem by enabling the Smart City Government Initiative and Internet of Things applications. The deployment of intelligent systems propels society toward resource use that is optimum.

Lithium-Ion Batteries for Surveillance Camera Applications

Lithium-Ion batteries with a long lifespan, quick charging, and a small size have been successfully launched for surveillance camera applications. Our lithium-ion batteries may operate at voltages ranging from 36 volts and up to 48 volts. In addition, we offer tailored Lithium-Ion solutions based on customer needs and OEM/ODM requirements.

Lithium-Ion Batteries for Smart Parking Sensors

Buy the compact, fast-charging, long-lasting lithium-ion batteries offered by Avichal Technologies for use with single- and multi-level parking floor systems’ smart parking sensors. We provide a large selection of Lithium-Ion batteries with operational voltages between 12.8V and 25.6V for smart parking sensor applications. The company also offers Lithium-Ion solutions that are specifically tailored to applications and to OEMs’ and ODMs’ requirements.

Lithium-Ion Batteries for Advertising Boards

For outdoor applications like billboards and advertising boards, the cutting-edge company Avichal Technologies offers tiny Lithium-Ion batteries with a long lifespan, quick charging, and fast charging capabilities. In accordance with application-specific requirements and OEM/ODM specifications, we also offer tailored Lithium-Ion solutions.

Lithium-Ion Batteries for Wi- Fi Hot Spot Applications

For vital applications like Wi-Fi Hot-Spot Power backup Applications, the firm offers tiny Lithium-Ion batteries with a long lifespan, quick charging, and quick charging capabilities. Our lithium-ion batteries are capable of working at voltages ranging from 36V and higher. The batteries provided by Avichal Technologies are prepared for usage with cutting-edge technologies, including 5G, MIMO, and IOT, among others.

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