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Lithium-Ion batteries for E-Rickshaws/E-Loaders

Our extensive line of lithium-ion batteries with voltages under 48V, 60V, and 72V are intended for low-speed e-rickshaws and e-loaders. Due to our unparalleled long-life performance, we are the top choice for millions of Electric 3W/E-Rickshaw/E-Auto/E-Loader applications. Additionally, Avichal Technologies¬†offers customised Lithium-Ion Battery modules in accordance with OEMs’ and ODMs’ particular needs. The brand uses its extensive industry knowledge and manufacturing expertise to offer Electric 3W/E-Rickshaw/E-Auto/E-Loader manufacturers the best in class sustainable and efficient Lithium-Ion solutions.

Lithium-Ion batteries for Electric Bikes

For both low speed and high speed electric motorcycles, Avichal Technologies offers a variety of Lithium-Ion batteries under 48V/60V/72V working ranges. We have created a remarkable line of lithium-ion batteries for use in electric bikes and low- and high-speed applications. As per the special needs of OEMs/ODMs, the manufacturers of electric bikes or people can also request bespoke Lithium-Ion battery modules from Avichal Technologies. In a cutting-edge factory, CTECH Lithium-Ion batteries are produced to satisfy the power needs of Electric 2W automobiles in India.

Lithium-Ion batteries for Electric / Scooters / Scooty

We also manufacture Lithium-Ion batteries with working ranges of 48V, 60V, and 72V for both low-speed and high-speed electric scooters. According to the requirements of OEMs and ODMs, Avichal Technologies also offers specialised battery modules for e-rickshaws, e-loaders, electric bikes, and scooters. High-performance Lithium-Ion batteries are created by our talented and creative engineers for contemporary electric scooters.

Lithium-Ion batteries for E-Auto/ E-Loaders

For low-speed E-Auto/E-Loaders/L5 models, Avichal Technologies offers a high-class variety of lithium-ion batteries in the 48V/60V/72V segment. We created a product with great performance that is used in low-speed electric 3W/E-Rickshaw/E-Auto/E-loader applications. All Lithium-Ion batteries from Avichal Technologies are created and tested in a cutting-edge facility by highly skilled experts.

Lithium-Ion batteries for Golf carts/E-carts/AGVs

Choose from a variety of Lithium-Ion batteries designed specifically for golf carts, e-carts, and AGVs that operate in the 48V, 60V, and 72V voltage ranges. These batteries are frequently used in Low-Speed Category Electric 3W Carts, E-Carts, and AGV applications. In accordance with the particular needs of OEMs and ODMs, the company also offers bespoke Lithium-Ion battery modules. All of its lithium-ion batteries are produced utilising cutting-edge methods and innovations in a secure, cutting-edge setting.

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